As I mentioned before, I am here to assist everyone in gaining the skills and tools to ensure that success comes quickly. If there is a link to a tool that comes with an affiliate commission, I will make that clear so you can decide if you want to use that link or not. Please be aware that any commission that I receive from an affiliate link is used to secure that tool or service for a lesser cost or for free. It is not my intent to make a livable income from any of these links!


Mentorship is the shortcut to success. Having a mentor is key, having more than one is even better! Here are the people that I follow, including my own personal mentors that I am able to work with directly. Follow them, learn from them and take advantage of their expertise!

Eric Worre – If you are involved with Network Marketing, you should already know about Eric. Author of Go Pro and facilitator of the Network Marketing Pro website and seminars, he is one of the best industry trainers around!

Romacio Fulcher – Romacio is amazing! He truly gives from the heart and his expertise is undeniable. Follow him and learn how hea has become one of the top 20 income earners in the entire world of Network Marketing.

Karla Silver – Karla is one of the top internet and network marketers on the planet! She also happens to be one of my personal mentors and someone that I have the privilege of working with every day.


Social media is an amazing resource, but it can very time consuming and confusing. Here are some of the resources I use to stand out in the sites that I use as well as some automation tools that will allow you to leverage your time.


Want to recruit more of a professional person into your business? Then LinkedIn is the site for you.

LinkedIn Riches – John Nemo is an expert on how to market on LI. His free information about how to set up your profile and how to attract the people you want is great.  Make sure you download his free book!

LinMail Pro – This is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to automate sending messages, contacting new people, and many other features. While it is pricey every month, the amount of detail that you can use is far and away the best that I have seen.

Linked Helper – This is another option to automate your LinkedIn activities. It is much cheaper than LinMail Pro, but the adage of you get what you pay for is appropriate. I love the automation of many things, but one of the drawbacks is that you can not choose individual members to send a message to like you can with LinMail. But, the difference in cost may just be worth it to you!