Do You Have An Adaptive Visionary Mindset?

This is a picture of Jeff Bezos in 1999. It has been almost 20 years since this has been taken and needless to say things are a bit different for him and for Amazon. Imagine being in that room back then as he was taking on the big boys of the book business (in case you were not aware, Amazon started as just selling books). I am sure that a ton of people said he was crazy for taking on Barnes and Noble, Borders (do you remember them?), or Crown Books (yes, they are defunct too). But what Jeff has is an Adaptive Visionary Mindset, and this mindset allowed him to build Amazon into what it is today.

So you may be asking yourself just exactly what is Adaptive Visionary Mindset and how can I get it! What this concept is all about is the ability to see not what is happening today in a business model, but what can be achieved in the future of that business. If you asked Bezos if he had the vision to achieve what he has with Amazon, he would probably have said that was not on his radar 20 years ago. He was just focused on not only keeping his business alive but becoming the biggest book seller on the planet. But because he has Adaptive Visionary Mindset, he could see the possibility that he could not just sell books on Amazon, but he could sell almost anything!

Now imagine being one of his colleagues back then. Think about the conversations that were had about business and where this model was headed. Now compare that to what the discussions are now in that board room! They are at a much higher level because they all have the VISION of what can happen, since they have seen it all within their own lives.

The question for you is: do you have an Adaptive Visionary Mindset? Are you able to visualize the possibilities of what might happen in a business that is different? Imagine being one of the original people involved with Amazon. The might not have known it, but they were with a visionary mind. Maybe they could see the vision that Bezos had, maybe not. But you can be assured that they knew something was different. The other question you must ask yourself is: what if you were able to participate in something that was lead by a visionary like Jeff Bezos? What if you could be a part of something that is so disruptive that it is already more efficient than Amazon? Where do you think you would be in 20 years if that opportunity presented itself? Would you have the Adaptive Visionary Mindset to be able to see where it could go and what it could do for you and your family?

If you think you have the Adaptive Visionary Mindset that we are looking for, comment below or send an email to What you will see might allow you to see the vision of a disruptor and take advantage of a situation just like Jeff Bezo’s colleagues 20 years ago.

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