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I Don’t Have Anyone To Talk To

I Don’t Have Anyone To Talk To. How many times have you heard this from people on your team? Even worse, how many times have you said it?

One of the things that happens when people say this, is that they have spoken to a couple of their friends and have been shot down. They then feel that no one will want to join them in their business so they do not see that there are people literally everywhere! As my mentor likes to say: “people are like dust, they are everywhere!”

Don’t think so? Just on social media alone there are over 2 billion ACTIVE people on Facebook. There are 500 million on LinkedIn. So your excuse of there is no one to talk to is just that, an excuse.

Just go out and see how many people are around you! You do not want to go up to people and speak with them? Just check out this video I did live where I speak with someone to get their information.

So tell me again that you have no one to talk to!

To YOUR success!


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