Are You A Professional Or An Amateur?

Are you a professional or are you an amateur? In the world of network marketing, there are those that are professional and those that are an amateur. Do you know which one you are? Follow these simple guidelines to make sure you are working as a professional to help grow your business!

Before we get started, I do want to make a clarification. Someone can be full time and be an amateur just as well as someone can be part time and be a professional. The difference has NOTHING to do with the amount of time spent on a business, or for that matter even the level of success someone has. I have seen people act like a professional coming from all levels of success and time spent in their business and vice versa. So keep in mind that what I am referring to is how you ACT and CONDUCT your business.

So what is the difference? Well, as my mentor says, professionals sell the VISION and amateurs sell PRODUCT. Now don’t get me wrong, selling product is a key part of anyone’s business. What we are referring to is how you are presenting your business opportunity to your prospects. Presenting them the features and benefits of your products is what amateurs do. Presenting them with the vision of where your company is going, where your particular market is heading, how your company fits into that growth and what your personal vision is for your business is what a professional does.


The other day, I was approached by someone in a nutrition company. He went on and on about how their products are better than anything else on the market and how so many people would benefit from using their products. He also mentioned how the wellness industry is valued at over $1 trillion etc etc. When I asked him what his vision was for his business and what the companies vision was for their future, he had no answer except for the goal of helping people with their health. When asked what made his company different than all of the other nutrition companies out there, not only in the network marketing space but products that you can find at Wal-Mart, Costco and GNC, all he could muster was that their products had better ingredients, long development of their technology and that their products were the only ones not in pill form. Do you think this approach is acting like an amateur, pitching the products only? Or do you think that he conveyed the vision of both himself and the company? How many times have you done the same thing, whether you are in a nutrition company or not?

Having been in a couple of nutrition companies before, I know the dilemma. You want to stand out from all of the other companies, and the only reason that you can think of doing that is to focus on the products and why they are better than anything else. The problem is, every other company is saying the EXACT SAME THING!

Do you have vision as a professional?

What is your VISION?

So how could he have become more of a professional and not so much of an amateur? He could have said something like this: “Hey Bill, I know that there are a lot of options out there when it comes to nutrition. I am not going to say that our products are the best on the market, although I believe that they are. No one can really say which is the best. But, with the growing amount of baby boomers looking to have better health, more and more people looking for alternatives to supplement their nutrition, and people are always looking for ways to supplement their income, this business is poised to help a lot of people and to allow a lot of people to make a lot more money. The company has not cut any corners when it comes to the quality of our products, and for that reason they work. Once people actually see results of better health, they are going to want to share their experience. This is going to allow our company to grow fast, and with my goal of helping 10 people retire from their jobs in the next two years, I know that the support and the timing for this could not be better”

Which conversation is more compelling? Notice how in the second example, the quality of the products was touched on, but that is not the main focus! The truth is that no one cares about the science behind the products and the different ingredients etc. All that they care about is do they work, is this business something I can do and where can this thing possibly go. The products must be good, but that is not what people think or care about.


If you are presenting your prospects using the product as a tool, you need to change. Again, while they are important, it is not what is important to your prospect. The VISION of where the company is going and where you are going with it is what professionals talk about. Take the time to craft your vision. Do some research into your product category. How much money is spent each year? What is the growth projection? How does your company fit into that growth and why is it going to take advantage of it?

Once you come up with your own vision and integrate that and the vision of your company into your presentations, you will now be working like a professional.

To YOUR success!


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